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Does your travel agent even travel?

Does your travel agent even travel?

Move Athletics, my physical therapist, has a tag line of “Does your physical therapist even lift?”.  While at their office yesterday I over heard another patient ask what that meant.  I never thought about it too much but listened in as Doc Roger answered and explained how could he possibly treat athletes properly if he wasn’t an athlete himself.  I quickly chimed in it’s like a travel agent who doesn’t travel.  How could I properly advise you without experiencing it myself?

A lot of pride I bring to my job is our level of customer service.  We market ourselves as “concierge style” but what does that mean.  To me, concierge style, means going above and beyond.  Answering your phone.  Responding quickly.  Setting realistic expectations and exceeding them.  Taking you step by step to plan the perfect trip.  Then being available during travel for assistance.

But now I’m adding to that.  How could I properly advise you on your travel during Covid if I hadn’t traveled?  How could I tell you what an amazing job Disney was doing with Social Distancing if I hadn’t seen it?  How could I tell you that driving in Italy is difficult? Or that the beach in Costa Rica is public?

So next time you book with someone consider…. does your travel agent even travel?


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