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I have a big secret… I am a major over packer!

4 People Traveling to Paris

I think there’s two big contributing factors here. One starts with the way I shop. I shop and buy pieces. I think there’s two type of shoppers in the world and my mother-in-law is the other. I envy that she walks into a store and finds the piece she likes but doesn’t buy it unless she finds a complete outfit. Including accessories. When she gets home she even hangs the whole outfit on a hanger with accessories. I on the other hand find a piece that I like whether it’s a top or a dress or a bottom and purchase it and think oh I have something at home to wear with it.  Then when I go to pack I have tons of pieces I love but not set full outfits.

Trying To Organize

The second factor is I research and compile packing lists for clients.  Family trips, international, honeymoon, destination weddings all need different things.  Packing lists can get very very detailed but are supposed to be suggestions or reminders. Not everyone needs everything on those lists.  I, however, see it as a challenge and I pack it.  So I’m challenging myself to be a better packer.  In a month, as a family, we are heading to Beaches Turks and Caicos and I want to pack practically and in as few bags as possible.  Stay tuned to see how I do!


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